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North City Diagnostic Center is a global leader in medical diagnostic solution for a diverse range of diseases. Built with perfection, usability and enterprise level features in mind, our service deliver advanced digital imaging and interpretations that are not to be matched.
North City Diagnostic Center began operations in November 1997 with a vision to provide large-scale information integration solutions for medical diagnosis. Our founder is former enterpreauner from kolkata specialize in enterprise.

Mission and Commitment
  • Significantly reduced costs of medical diagnosis for patients.
  • Ability to handle the complexity associated with diagnosis and its analysis.
  • Keep control over a continuously changing test landscape.
At North City Diagnostic Center our mission reflects our focus on achieving this goal. We actively partner with our delegates in our research and development efforts. Forward-thinking organizations understand the importance of making sense of this information, and using the information to improve profitability, brand loyalty and competitive advantage.
Core Values
It is our belief that each organization is defined by its values. At NDC we share the core values, which are reflected in our daily attention to our customers and services:
You can count on us - we will deliver only the best in our field and support you through the life cycle of your medical diagnosis.
Our diagnosis are based on our unique expertise and genuine code, and truly represent our commitment and focus in this medical technology field.
We closely follow the medical diagnosis trends and best practices. We pay attention to detail and strive for perfection in every feature we deliver.
Whether you belong to a large or small organization, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, we will always value your comments and feedback.

From Managing Director's desk....

From Medical Director's Desk ....

Success Symbiosis
It is our belief that communication is the key to perfect collaboration between NDC and its customers, and our success is based on customer demand satisfaction. Our customers incredibly increase the expectations and granularity of our diagnosis reports - an effortless task made possible through our services. At the same time, our customers demand new abilities, more speed and confidence in future progress, thus helping us to further improve the quality of our medical technology, so they can build their trust with the greatest of ease and focus on the essence of their treatments.

We have succeeded, because we listen and we manage to deliver success to every mankind on the globe.

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