Since 1997 , North City Diagnostic Centre has provided the health care industry with facilities unmatched in quality, function and durability. This experience has given us great insights into the type of quality care necessary for patient management and it is reflected in the way we serve and satisfy our patient requirements.When it comes to haelthcare management we are the only pioneer to cover it all.

At North City Diagnostic Center, we provide basic facilities as follows .


a) Daignostic Departments.

b) Health Checkups.

c) Home Collection Facility.

d) Ambulance on demand.

A full suite of flexible, cost-effective options tailored to your needs—featuring all types of faclilities from Radiology to Pathology with home collection, including optimize workflow by enabling review and reporting service under one roof that fits your satisfaction. We Build a pivotal role in keeping peak performance by delivering committed, responsive expert services and support.

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